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Just got back from the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and what a trip it was! This year, we got to enjoy the event as listeners and blues lovers-- sort of a  Motivators exploratory committee. Thanks to a generous grant funded by the Holyfield Home for Wayward Musicians, we got to soak in home-grown blues from around the globe. After some very intense research, we concluded that the blues is alright. So many really talented bands and solo/duo acts, so much GREAT music! Congrats to local musician Tony Redman for making it to the semi-finals.

The Motivators are spending time in the studio these days, recording tunes. More as this progresses.

A fantastic evening at Morano's last Saturday night. Randy "Bam Bam" Reese had a prior commitment and bass man Steve Baskin was down with a bad case of the flu. Our good friends Kevin Bonner, Hoobie Daniels, Jim Mills, James Miller and Michael Schwade came to our rescue and a good time was had by all. Morano's is a great venue on MLK Blvd. They serve the best pizza in town and a wide choice of quality beverages. Brick Fields holds their Blues Therapy there every Wednesday evening, and if you haven't checked it out, you should. The Motivators are holding our "Saturday Night Blues Blowout" there once a month. Next time will be March 9th. 

I will be accompanying poetry readings at the Kingston Library Coffeehouse on Feb.22

On February 23, the Motivators will be at the American Legion Post 341 in Bella Vista. We highly recommend this place! A big room,  delicious eats, full bar, nice folks, a great stage, and a big, shiny ole dance floor. Always fun, and you don't have to be a Legion member to go. 

Mark McGee and I will be celebrating Mardi Gras at the Ramo d'Olivo wine bar in Bentonville on March 2nd. Come join us and listen to some tunes. 

Thanks to those who've been turning out and supporting live music! You keep us Motivators motivated.

Every now and then, something goes right!!!


Playing tunes the first Saturday of every month with my good friend Mark Bokun on the patio deck of the Low Gap Cafe.The view of the Buffalo River Valley is spectacular. I am fortunate to live nearby....8/10,.Mark B. & I will be out on the patio at the Combs Store & Cafe... Getting ready for another big night, 8/18, at Morano's on M L K with the Motivators. I highly recommend the pizza.... &.. Friday 8/24 we will be out on the patio at Ramo d'Olivio in Bentonville,,,. Motivatanews: I had my 55 year old Fender amp in for a lube and oil change. Thanks to Robert Spoon I'm still crusin'....Brenda Baskin-vocals,guitar & washboard- and Steve Baskin-bass & guitar-are playing around as the duo "the Baskins". Hey! They have the same last name. I will have to ask them about that.... Mark McGee and his harmonicas are playing everywhere with everybody and busy putting together those cedar stools... Drummer Randy Reese is working on his paradiddles and out there floating on the lake feeding the fish..

"There's only two things that money can't buy, that's true love and homegrown tomatoes"  Guy Clark.


You know the guys that put together our Declaration of Independence must have gathered at the end of the day to drink some grog, tell some lies and sing some blues.  If you are out and about enjoying our beautiful area - stop by the Low Gap Café just up the hill from Ponca. Mark Bokun & I will be drinking some grog, telling some lies and singing some blues Sat. 7/7 .....  The Motivators featuring Brenda Baskin will be attempting our "Mariachi Blues" at La Huerta-Crossover Fri.7/13  & we will be at Moranos  Sat. 7/14..... The Motivators will also be playing SWEET JAM 2018 a fund-raiser at the American Legion Post 341 in Bella Vista along with the Restless Natives  Sun. 7/22......The Motivators will also be sampling the excellent wine selection at Ramo d'Olivios  Fri. 7/27..... and.... I will be at Jammin' Javas Sat. morning 7/28 with a few suspicious characters who wish to remain anonymous. 

'If it was easy, everybody would be doing it"....roadie w/ Black Oak Arkansas


Starting off June being asked to play for some friends wedding reception, quite an honor.   The Motivators will be at Ramo d'Olivio,  6/8.  A very enjoyable outdoor setting. We are fortunate to have Michael Schweade helping us out with his sax and motivation.  Mark McGee & I will be at J J's Grill in Bella Vista,  6/11.  Summer Solstice  6/21, now where did I put that hammock?   Steve & Brenda (the Baskins) will be at the Why Not Café in West Fork  6/22  and Terra Studios 6/24.   I will be at the Dickson Street Pub  6/23,  there's no telling who will drop in.  Low Gap Café , myself & Mark Bokun  7/7 & 7/21. Owners are  Nick ( a 5 star chef)  & Marie ( a pastry chef)...check out the menu on-line... This is a special place. BYOB.   I am very fortunate to have been exposed to John Mayall very early in his career. He has had to cancel some recent concert dates due to health issues, but is expected to be back playing soon. Take a minute to check out his story and his former and present bandmates.   And.....thanks for all the positive response from our live dates and from the air-play of our C D " A WHOLE LOT LIKE THE BLUES"

" Life is good !"

Brenda Baskin joins band 

Good time music,great food and a fantastic view......Saturdays the 5th &the 19th at The Low Gap Café just up the hill from Ponca. You might have caught Brenda Baskin sitting in with the Motivators; well we have talked her into singing with us full time. Just what we needed. Come check us out at Ramos d'Olivio Friday the 25th.

"Yes to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free" Bob Dylan

Don't it feel good..... 

Ahhh springtime,I can smell the bar b q now.......There's a lot going on this April. Mark Bokun & I will be in Ponca at the Low Gap Café Saturdays 4/7 & 4/21. If you have yet to have the Low Gap experience , I can guarantee one of the best meals you will ever eat. Weather permitting we will be playing on the deck with that fantastic view. The Motivators will be at The Red Door in Tontitown 4/13. There will be a Friday the 13th Gris Gris support group. I will be jammin at Jammin' Javas the morning of 4/21 with Brenda & Steve Baskin. The Motivators with Brenda Baskin helping out on vocals will be at Chelseas Corner in Eureka Springs 4/27. If your not there we will talk about you.

 "It's more important for a song to have some feeling than it is to get all the notes just right." Kathy Cole

Doin' It Like It Should 

On Feb. 9, 2018 "Sunshine" Sonny Payne left us for the big blues jam in the sky.He was the host of The King Biscuit Time radio show on KFFA out of Helena, Ar.from 1948 until Dec. 2017.

I was interviewed by Ted Hammig host of Music Makers, which airs on sundays 5pm, on KPSQ fm.The interview was broadcast Feb. 11 th and can be accessed from the Music Makers archives on the KPSQ website.We are lucky to have KPSQ & KUAF in our area.They can use our support.

I am fortunate to be playing the 1st & the 3rd Saturday of each month with that mad cajun Mark Bokun at the Low Gap Café near Ponca and the Buffalo River.If you are in the neighborhood stop bye.....good food, good folks, good music....Hey!.....

You can find Buddy Shute & the Motivators new CD A WHOLE LOT LIKE THE BLUES ,which represented the Ozark Blues Society of NWA at the International Blues Challenge 2018, under the music section and please checkout the calendar under shows.

Hey,Hey The Blues Is Allright 

On break the other night word was passed around that Barry "Bear" Bramlett had passed on to the big honky tonk in the sky. After consulting a reliable source I discovered Bear is not dead. He was actually dancing in the street when he got the news.Every town needs a place like Bears Place.........

International Blues Challenge 2018 has come and gone.Buddy Shute & the Motivators are honored to have had our new C D  " A WHOLE LOT LIKE THE BLUES" chosen to represent the Ozark Blues Society of NWA  at the I B C in Memphis...........

Mark Bokun and I usually play a couple of times each month at the Low Gap Cafe near Ponca and the Buffalo River.This month, Feb., we will only be playing sat. the 3rd. The owners/chefs Nick & Marie have music every sat. night. You want to go for the food,one of the best meals you will ever eat and with the leaves off the trees the view is forever.........

Lots of good music on KUAF 91.3 and KPSQ 97.3........where I live I can pick up KSMU 90.5 out of Springfield,Mo. with Emilly Higgins and The Mulberry Tree on sunday evenings..........

And Mardi Gras is just around the corner....check out WWOZ out of New Orleans.......


"Love ain't no good till you give it away"..........Delbert McClinton





Lots of good stuff going on....Buddy Shute & the Motivators  new C D." A WHOLE LOT LIKE THE BLUES" was chosen to represent the  Ozark Blues Society of Northwest Arkansas at the International Blues Challenge Jan/2018 in Memphis,home of the blues...........One of the best meals you will ever eat,one of the most scenic rides you will ever take, the Low Gap Café........ for a good time you can't beat Bears Place,check out the chili (Bears Place is temporarily closed." Hey Bear,we're thinking about you". Every town,every music scene needs a place like Bears) .......sittin' by the wood stove,tune in Paul and the Generic Blues Show 91.3 fm......... and some really nice tunes on the radio show "The Mulberry Tree", KSMU, 90.5; fm

                                                                 " Come on now people,lets work together"   Wilbert Harrison