You know the guys that put together our Declaration of Independence must have gathered at the end of the day to drink some grog, tell some lies and sing some blues.  If you are out and about enjoying our beautiful area - stop by the Low Gap Café just up the hill from Ponca. Mark Bokun & I will be drinking some grog, telling some lies and singing some blues Sat. 7/7 .....  The Motivators featuring Brenda Baskin will be attempting our "Mariachi Blues" at La Huerta-Crossover Fri.7/13  & we will be at Moranos  Sat. 7/14..... The Motivators will also be playing SWEET JAM 2018 a fund-raiser at the American Legion Post 341 in Bella Vista along with the Restless Natives  Sun. 7/22......The Motivators will also be sampling the excellent wine selection at Ramo d'Olivios  Fri. 7/27..... and.... I will be at Jammin' Javas Sat. morning 7/28 with a few suspicious characters who wish to remain anonymous. 

'If it was easy, everybody would be doing it"....roadie w/ Black Oak Arkansas

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