Playing tunes the first Saturday of every month with my good friend Mark Bokun on the patio deck of the Low Gap Cafe.The view of the Buffalo River Valley is spectacular. I am fortunate to live nearby....8/10,.Mark B. & I will be out on the patio at the Combs Store & Cafe... Getting ready for another big night, 8/18, at Morano's on M L K with the Motivators. I highly recommend the pizza.... &.. Friday 8/24 we will be out on the patio at Ramo d'Olivio in Bentonville,,,. Motivatanews: I had my 55 year old Fender amp in for a lube and oil change. Thanks to Robert Spoon I'm still crusin'....Brenda Baskin-vocals,guitar & washboard- and Steve Baskin-bass & guitar-are playing around as the duo "the Baskins". Hey! They have the same last name. I will have to ask them about that.... Mark McGee and his harmonicas are playing everywhere with everybody and busy putting together those cedar stools... Drummer Randy Reese is working on his paradiddles and out there floating on the lake feeding the fish..

"There's only two things that money can't buy, that's true love and homegrown tomatoes"  Guy Clark.

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