Starting off June being asked to play for some friends wedding reception, quite an honor.   The Motivators will be at Ramo d'Olivio,  6/8.  A very enjoyable outdoor setting. We are fortunate to have Michael Schweade helping us out with his sax and motivation.  Mark McGee & I will be at J J's Grill in Bella Vista,  6/11.  Summer Solstice  6/21, now where did I put that hammock?   Steve & Brenda (the Baskins) will be at the Why Not Café in West Fork  6/22  and Terra Studios 6/24.   I will be at the Dickson Street Pub  6/23,  there's no telling who will drop in.  Low Gap Café , myself & Mark Bokun  7/7 & 7/21. Owners are  Nick ( a 5 star chef)  & Marie ( a pastry chef)...check out the menu on-line... This is a special place. BYOB.   I am very fortunate to have been exposed to John Mayall very early in his career. He has had to cancel some recent concert dates due to health issues, but is expected to be back playing soon. Take a minute to check out his story and his former and present bandmates.   And.....thanks for all the positive response from our live dates and from the air-play of our C D " A WHOLE LOT LIKE THE BLUES"

" Life is good !"

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