Our New EP's Are Out!

You Gotta Move official release August 15!

You Gotta Move

Hard As Nails

You Gotta Move 
Buddy And the motivators 

Our new EP is out and available! 

1. You Gotta Move (B. Shute, B Baskin) 
2. Someday Baby, Someday (B. Shute) 
3. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word * (E. John, B. Taupin) 
4. 4 O'CLOCK Blues (B. Shute) 
5. Here To Stay (B. Shute)

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Hard as Nails 
Buddy and Mark 

Our new EP is out and available! 

Arkansas' favorite blues duo, Buddy Shute (guitar, vocals) and Mark McGee (harmonica) have been playing music together for decades. Their latest collaboration, "Hard as Nails", has been released just in time. They won the Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Society's Blues Challenge. These original songs are the ones that won the regional competition, and they'll make you happy you have ears. Enjoy!

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Party At Buddy's, The Procrastinators, a new EP!

Buddy and mark will be representing fort smith riverfront blues society at the International Blues challenge 2022

Buddy Shute (vocals, guitar) and Mark McGee (harmonica) combine the sounds of the blues they grew up with and stories of the past. A native Memphian, Buddy played music from an early age. A prolific songwriter, his tunes reflect years spent in New Orleans and other locales. 

Mark began playing in the 70’s and has always stayed true to the blues. Known for his steady, no-frills playing, he’s one of Northwest Arkansas’ most well-respected players. 

For over 20 years, this duo has entertained audiences and each other with talent, humor and the feeling you get listening to the old blues masters.

CLICK HERE  to learn more about International Blues Challenge May 6th - May 9th

CLICK HERE to Support Buddy and Mark on their GoFund Me. Funds will go directly towards covering expenses on their musical journey..... bar-b-que, hotel, bar-b-que, gas, bar-b-que... Thank you for helping keep the blues alive.



Buddy and the motivators new cd project!

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