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Oh yeah, that's the way I like it. ”

— "Sunshine Sonny" Payne of King Biscuit Time, upon hearing Buddy's music

Buddy's Bio

Whether you catch Buddy playing solo, as a duo with Mark McGee (harmonica), or with his band the Motivators, be prepared for a good time!

Buddy was born in Memphis and began playing the bar scene when he was sixteen, playing all the classic Memphis tunes he learned from his older band-mates. He drifted down to New Orleans "where the young players respect the older players and everybody plays with everybody." Buddy says "I was playing a hole in the wall on Bourbon St. for tips and Ike & Tina Turner's band came in and asked if they could sit in." Good times, good times. 

Buddy was a founding member of THE BACK DOOR BLUES REVUE which included New Orleans legend Leigh "L'il Queenie" Harris, bluesman John Mooney, Brooklyn Robert and the Subdudes' John Magnie. He also...

  • played with the seminal band ABRAHAM which included pianist George Winston  
  • had a steady gig with a Cajun band on a paddle-wheeler on the Mississippi River 
  • opened for Henry "Professor Longhair" Byrd at his Birthday Bash at the original Tipitinas  
  • played piano at a real Burlesque House on Bourbon St. (the last one known to exist) 

While living in New England Buddy played with old-time fiddle band ROARING JELLY and recorded two CD's with the blues band ROUNDHOUSE ("Kickin' the Dirt" and "Roundhouse"), represented the state of Maine at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. 

He has released two solo CD's:  OUTSTANDING IN HIS FIELD and OZARK MOON, and two with his band, the Motivators: 

A WHOLE LIKE THE BLUES, and the recently released BAR-B-QUE. 

For the past ten years Buddy has been living in the Northwest Arkansas area. He represented the Ozark Blues Society three times at the I.B.C. in the solo/duo category. "A Whole Lot Like the Blues" was chosen to represent NWA at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis. 


"...I love his choice of tunes." --Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack


"I have taken a lot from the old Blues Masters....I do not copy them, although I am not above stealing a lick or two.....When you hear the recordings of the Blues Greats or catch a live performance you get this special feeling..... that's something you can not fake. That's my goal, to create that feeling, and when you do, it sure feels good." --

Buddy Shute


"He sounds good....If the IBC is searching for the next Willis Alan Ramsey, I think they've got their man." Thomas Jacques, Delta Sounds, KFFA-AM, Helena, Ar.


"A dapper Memphis native, pair finger-picked and some witty phrasing.....his easy going charm impressed as much as his nimble playing." Chris Herrington, Memphis Commercial Appeal

Sample Track

Of all the places I have played, the most meaningful is the King Biscuit Time radio show in Helena, AR. with host "Sunshine Sonny" Payne. It's amazing all the great music that has come out of that room, by all the Masters that have played there. ”

— Buddy Shute

Sample Video

Tech Rider for Buddy Shute & the Motivators

Genre: Blues, Blues Rock, New Orleans R&B 


Buddy Shute: (lead vocals, guitar) old Fender Concert amp, 4-10" speakers, 

     needs high quality vocal mic /boom stand 

Brenda Baskin: (lead vocals, percussion)  

      needs high quality vocal mic/ boom stand

      needs good quality monitor    

Mark McGee: (vocals, harmonica), has low power (cheap) amp 

     needs vocal mic /boom stand 

Steve Baskin: (vocals, bass),has Quilter 800 Bass Block, J.T. Huff bass cabinet 15" 

     needs vocal mic /boom stand 

Randy Reese: drums......standard right hand drum kit 

      needs kick drum mic